Only PageRank 2

That’s crazy! How will they ever be able to sell text links?

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Emma Thompson’s Cunt

So I’m searching for “Emma Thompson Nude” via the google toolbar and I come across a reference to some movie in 1985. So bizarre! Except that I finally remember I do admire the lady for her roles in Academy Award winning productions, maybe I wish she had been my mom.

Weird! For a couple minutes I thought somone actually recently had the exact same name as another young actress – Emma Roberts.

Except that I actually meant to be searching for that other name – Emma Roberts -┬ábecause I had recently heard she is doing an adult role. Not adult I surmise in the sense of the movie term “adult”, but probably just a word she used in an interview, in that she’s playing a grown-up, more serious acting role. That’s what I was intending to figure out in the first place. :-)

You can see a list of her new projects.


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Emma Watson’s Cunt

I guess this was a while back, but Emma Watson apparently drank a lot and then flashed her cunt on her 18th birthday. Score one for the paparazzi’s!

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Yahoo! SE Is a Nasty Bitch

The Yahoo! search engine is making me very angry. The new Yahoo! CEO’s comment that her gut says to question why should Yahoo! sell their search engine business to Microsoft but that she would review it and contemplate the matter seriously is fresh. However, shen she sits down and actually looks at the quality of the Yahoo! search engine she will come to one conclusion. It’s fucked up!

OK, one matter is for instance on my nice vBSEO’ed vBulletin forums, I get tons of search engine referrals from Google and MSN/Live, but next to none from Yahoo. Although I have a sitemap, and they read it, and they definitely crawl it (they use more bandwidth on my site than ANYTHING else except the Google bot) AND they index it, but they don’t send any traffic to my subpages. What a bitch.

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SEO with a Cunt Attitude

I guess I don’t have much to say right now.. Google has fucked me many times, I’m an SEO Cunt. Thus this web site.

Let’s explore the dick-ishness of Google and all it’s varieties of penalties and the various levels of cunt-ishness.

So we have it. Let’s get it started!

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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